Before School Care

Our Before School Care service provides a wide range of activities to engage and educate your child when you need to get to work early. During this time, we engage your child in play-based experiences and get ready for their school day while also giving them a chance for social interaction with friends, both old and new.

The activities we help your child feel at home with their peers, becoming comfortable in their everyday activities and grow in confidence.

After School Care

Whether you need to collect your child at 4 PM, 5 PM, or 6 PM, our After School Care service is there to help your child unwind and relax after a day at school.

We help them complete their homework, provide snacks and refreshments, and also let them have fun with their friends who stay after school with them. This service is a fantastic chance for further social interaction, and many kids find they never want to leave!

Vacation Care

As much as you wish the opposite, you can’t always be home with your kids during the holidays. Our Vacation Care service means they can continue to have fun in a safe environment during the week, even when you need to work.

Our Vacation Care provides fun and exciting holiday camps for kids filled with an array of engaging activities that keep them learning while also ensuring they have fun even when school is out for now.

What values canEsteem Kids Group offer you?

We are dedicated to offering 3 key values that guarantee everybody can enjoy growth, education, and success.


Respect is a crucial part of encouraging progress both personally and in society. We endeavour to show that respect to you, your children, and the community and hope to lead by example.


A nurturing environment is where children can feel safe, comfortable and confident. Our centres provide this nurturing atmosphere to help them grow into their best self.


We see every child as unique and competent and do everything we can to recognise their success and embrace what makes them special.


Why Learningthrough Playis important

Play-based experiences support school aged children in extending their learning dispositions such as creativity, imagination, persistence, confidence and cooperation through engaging in numerous play opportunities. The role of educators seek to nurture the best out of every child, finding ways to scaffold children’s learning by immersing them in play activities.

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